high quality mixed animal feeds - blends - nutritional advice - delivery throughout the uk - based near salisbury
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The Agri Blends Quality Guarantee

Agri Blends is a division of Agrilines Ltd which imports raw materials in bulk from producing countries throughout the world. This enables Agri Blends to match the keenest market prices as well as providing full traceability of individual ingredients to produce high quality mixed animal feeds.

Promtek Business System

Materials are sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide and at Agri Blends we operate an ‘open door’ policy, so that you, the customers, know exactly what quantity of each ingredient is used in each blend you purchase.

Our blends are designed in consultation with the Promar Nutritional Advice Service and therefore have the benefit of the latest know how.

Customers can consult with Promar through our office to achieve the best possible blend for their requirements. The assessment will include the quality of other forage along with the quantity and quality of the product desired by the client.

Agri Blends Operating System

Accurate weighing means you get exactly the same blend time after time

In May 2006 we decided to install the Promtek 9000 stock control system, later in 2006 we also invested in the Promtek Business System, to improve our ordering process, stock control and the accuracy of the blending process. Promtek Business System

The system is extremely accurate and once orders are placed the Business system sends the information over to the 9000 within the store ready for our Operator to manufacture when the lorry arrives. The appropriate blend is selected and the blend ingredients appear on the screen. Each ingredient is loaded into the mixer within the tolerances shown on the screen in the required order. Load cells within the mixers are linked to the 9000 system meaning that stocks are automatically decreased from both systems at the actual point of loading. When each ingredient has been added to the correct weight per batch, the next ingredient appears for loading. The system we have in place means that both mixers can be utilised to speed up the loading process.

The following steps all improve the quality of our rations and service to you:-

  • All raw materials are sampled and checked on arrival for quality. Wheat and Barley are also tested for moisture and Bushel weight.
  • A selection of Raw materials and Finished blends are sampled and tested on a frequent basis ensuring declarations are correct and materials are up to standard.
  • Vehicles are inspected for cleanliness prior to loading.
  • Scheduling our manufacturing improves loading times.
  • Before all sheep and Non GM mixes the mixers are flushed to ensure no contamination takes place.
  • Minerals are always added to the mixer as one of the first ingredients meaning even dispersion within the blend.
  • Molasses is added to the blend last and molassed blends are always mixed for 3 minutes to ensure even coverage of product.
high quality mixed animal feeds - Blends - nutritional advice - delivery throughout the uk - based near salisbury